Submitting Assignments with Kami in Buzz - Video Link

Once you have your activity open in the browser from your course, click on the download button to save locally to your computer.

Once you have your activity downloaded, you will want to click on the K icon in the top right corner of your browser to open the editing option.

Click on the outlined dotted box to upload a file to the site for editing.

In the screenshot below you will see all of the options for editing.

If you need to edit an item that was added to the document, you can click on the Select Text tool on the toolbar on the left side of your page, then click on your item, you will then receive a pop up with options to move, edit or delete.

Once you are finished with the assignment, click on Download in the top right corner.

When you receive the pop up with the export options, make sure to select the middle option (with Annotations) and All Pages so that you don’t loose any of your work.  Click Begin Export when you are ready.

You should then see it in the bottom left corner of your screen once it is complete if you are using a PC.

If you are using a Chromebook, you will check your Downloads folder.