Submitting Assignments from Google Docs to Apex from a Chromebook

In your document, you will select File, then Download As, and then select the document you would like to save it as, most common types are .doc(x) files and .pdf

You can then view this document from your files icon.

You will see it in your Downloads folder.


Then go to your course, first go to the Genius dashboard and click on your course name.



Click on the + button to the right of the word Messages

To attach coursework to a message: 

1. Check the Submit Homework box. The Homework Information section expands. 

2. Use the dropdown lists to select the course and activity you are submitting. 

3. Click the paper clip icon to locate and attach your file. 

4. Once you’re finished, click the Send button. The dialog closes and a copy of your message and attachment are displayed on the Messages screen.