Google Chrome:
To enable Flash Player in Google Chrome, navigate to the lesson page in your courses where the flash item is. After the lesson page has loaded, select the lock icon on the left hand side of the address bar and in the menu that appears, verify Flash Player is set to Allow.

Once set to Allow, you will see a blue reload button appear between the webpage and the address bar. Select reload and the page will refresh and the flash item should now be working.


Mozilla Firefox:
To enable flash player in Mozilla Firefox, please open the browser and enter "about:addons" in the address bar. You should see an item for Shockwave Flash. Verify this is set to "Ask to activate".

After Flash Player has been set to "Ask to activate", close the Addons tab, login to your course in BUZZ, and then navigate to the lesson with the flash item. When the page loads, you should see a prompt where the Flash Player item it asking you to Allow Flash to run. Select Allow. The page should refresh and flash player will be enabled. You may need to navigate to the specific page in the lesson again to see the flash item.


To enable flash player in Safari, begin by opening your Safari browser and selecting the Safari menu, then Preferences. In the preferences, click the Websites tab and scroll down to the Plug-ins section and locate the Adobe Flash Player entry. Verify the box is checked next to Flash Player in the Plugins section on the left hand side. Then select the Adobe Flash player item from the plugin section, and on the bottom right hand side, you will see an option "When visiting other websites" verify this is set to Ask or On.

Once the other website setting has been set to Ask or On, close the preferences window and navigate to your course and the lesson in BUZZ with the Flash item. Depending on which setting was chosen (Ask or On) you should either be prompted to allow Flash Player, or see the flash item on the lesson page.


Microsoft Edge:
To enable Flash Player in Microsoft Edge, open Edge and select the three vertical dots on the right hand side near the address bar and select the Settings option. In the Settings window, and click "View advanced settings" under the Advanced Settings header. In the Advanced settings verify Use Adobe Flash has been set to on. Once verified select Save or Ok if available. Once verified Flash is set to On, navigate to the lesson in the course to verify the flash content is now showing.


If students perform the steps above for their preferred browser and are still having issues with Flash Player, download the most recent version from and try the steps again.